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USGolfJobs.com provides professional resume writing and distribution services for individuals looking to work in the golf industry. Our client base includes executives, professionals, managers, and entry level job seekers.

We'll Write A Winning Resume...
Your resume is often the first opportunity you have to communicate with a potential employer, making it the most important factor in getting the job you want. Yet many job seekers do not present themselves well with their resumes. Your presentation should be strong and results oriented. We are experts at composing powerful resumes that demonstrate to the prospective employer that YOU are the right person for the job. In short, if you're not getting the results you want from your current resume, we can help!

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USGolfJobs.com offers highly effective services to spearhead your job search, uncover positions your competition doesn't know about, and get your resume directly to the hiring decision maker. Whether you need to conduct a highly targeted and confidential job search or need to get your resume in front of thousands of employers, our Resume Blast is exactly what you'll need!


Professional Resume Writing

A poor resume, that doesn't properly illustrate your experience and education to an employer, will surely be lost in the shuffle of applicants. As with all great resumes, if you have the proper experience and education, adequately selling your talents will be easy. Coupled with a broad knowledge of the job market, USGolfJobs.com creates powerful resumes that will get you interviews. How? By selling your value and instantly capturing the employers' attention.

Since we know what employers are looking for in a resume, we will compose a very effective, focused, and distinctive document that will immediately capture an employers' attention and effectively represent you to sell your value! Resumes should not be an inventory of each and every thing you've done throughout your career, but rather a strategic marketing tool (your personal advertisement) that tells the employer what you can do for them and why you are a good investment for their company. The job market is very competitive, and companies want the best their money can buy. Your a commodity, and the employer is buying. We will show them why YOU are the best for the job, positioning you above your peers. USGolfJobs.com knows how to distinguish your resume from the stacks an employer receives and get YOU noticed. And don't worry about career challenges you might be facing, we know how to overcome them using highly effective wording and other techniques.



ResumeBLAST allows you to choose a state and job category to have your resume blasted to them. Simply send your resume to us or have our Resume Writing department write you a professional resume and we will send your resume to all the employers available for your criteria.

ResumeBLAST is a very effective method of getting your remume in front of the top hiring authorities in the golf industry. ResumeBLAST costs only $50.00 per use. See below for ordering instructions.


CompleteCOMBO Package - SAVE $29

Enjoy the savings and benefits of our CompleteCOMBO package and have your resume professionally created and distributed to the industries top hiring authorities. Act now and save $20.00 on both of these powerful additions to your job search.